Dual SHS Standards

A New Way to Calibrate Step Height
Process Specialties introduces a new line of step height standards to the semiconductor, FPD and nanotechnology industries. The new dual step height standards are offered in a wide range of nominal thicknesses for the calibration, monitoring and standardization of all step height metrology tools.

New Dual Thickness Technology
The new dual step height design from PSI offers the advantage of two NIST traceable, calibrated thickness steps on each standard. This establishes the linearity of tools in specific height ranges -without the need to load or set-up an additional standard.

A Better Alternative
PSI's dual thickness technology obsoletes other single, nominal standards and is a more practical and cost effective alternative. The new Dual Step Height Standards are built from precision Thermal Silicon Dioxide for mechanical profilers and AFM tools. A thin Chrome coating on the standard can be ordered for Optical Profilometers.

Diagnostic Features
The dual thickness design also incorporates useful diagnostic features for stylus integrity, alignment and magnification. The new standards also have pattern recognition alignment marks (PRAM) for auto loading.

    Oxide Step Height Standards:
150 mm Part Numbers 200 mm Part Numbers 300 mm Part Numbers**
SHO6-00070-00170 SHO8-00070-00170 SHO12-00070-00170
SHO6-00450-00900 SHO8-00450-00900 SHO12-00450-00900
SHO6-01800-03800 SHO8-01800-03800 SHO12-01800-03800
SHO6-04700-09500 SHO8-04700-09500 SHO12-04700-09500
  Chrome coating available for Optical Profilometers  ** By special order only -Extended delivery time
Download DSHS Standards Brochure

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