We strongly recommend a periodic recertification of our Standards. The consensual recommended time interval is one calendar year, though individual internal requirements or requirements dictated by ISO 9001 may vary. The original certification date for each Standard appears on the Certificate of Calibration.

We also recommend recertification when the calibrated thickness of the Standard seems to have changed dramatically due to contamination or other factors.

The recertification process consists of a preliminary inspection and measurement. If no physical damage is found in the calibration area (such as pits, scratches, cracks, etc.), the standard will be chemically and mechanically cleaned. Then a complete calibration procedure will be performed. The Standard will be recertified traceable to NIST, and a new Certificate of Calibration will be issued.



In response to high demand from customers, Process Specialties now performs recertification of "outside" or Non-PSI Standards. The only requirement is that the metrology standards be either Thin Film Standards (Silicon Dioxide or Silicon Nitride) or Step Height Standards. In addition the standards must be in a Silicon wafer format and in the 100 mm -300 mm size range. The thickness to be Recertified must also be within the range of thickness, that we are accredited to calibrate and certify by NVLAP.

Please check our NVLAP scope here to see if your standard not manufactured by PSI Standards has a thickness range that qualifies for this service. If you are not sure if your Non-PSI Standard thin film or step height standard qualifies, please contact PSI USA or your international PSI representative.

Please contact Process Specialties or one of our international representatives, to check pricing and arrange for shipment of your Standard(s) back to the Northern California facility for recertification. PSI Standards or other Non-PSI Standards may be sent back to Process Specialties for recertification at any time. The turnaround time for this recertification process is normally 15 working days or less, after the receipt of the Standard(s) by the PSI facility in Northern California.

PSI Standards is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited by NVLAP, Lab code number: 200669-0.


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